Friday, February 20, 2009

All In One Place

Yes - Right here in what I grew up in and believed was the best country in the world. Everyday something new happens and we are more and more unsafe. How horrible as we grow older, how horrible for our children. I ask myself what can I do? - it is so large, it is so out of control. As a good citizen of the United States I voted. I voted for people who had my interests and the interests of our families in their hands. They said they would take care of us on the Hill. We now know they are not honest people - they have their own agenda - they do not care about us. Again, what can I do? Get together with others to voice and share my opinion? Will we all fall under this umbrella of people who do not conform? Will we be taken from our homes and put into concentration camps and killed for our beliefs? The Questions Go On - ?????